Posted On: July 31, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Female Trucker Injures Legs During Illinois Work Accident

A female trucker sustained serious leg injuries when 1000 pounds in steel fuel pipes fell on her. The Illinois work accident took place on July 23 at the Barnes Pipe and Steel Co. At the time, she was helping unload them from the truck.

One of the her legs was crushed during the work accident. The other leg sustained serious injuries. It took rescue workers about 45 minutes to get her out. She was flown to the hospital.

Truck Driver Injuries
Driving a commercial truck is arduous, physical work. The hours spent behind the steering wheel can lead to back and neck injuries. There are also the injuries a trucker can suffer when involved in a Chicago truck accident. Poor diet, lack of sleep, the stress of having to meet delivery deadlines, lack of exercise, having to stay in a seated position for hours at a time, body clocks that must cater to the rhythms of the job, and driver fatigue, increase the chances of illness and injury. Musculoskeletal disorders, chronic illnesses, carpal tunnel syndrome, and upper extremity injuries have been known to happen.

With their heavy cargo, truckers also risk injuries when loading and unloading their trucks. Slip and fall accidents and trip and fall accidents are not uncommon. Truck drivers also risk exposure to the hazardous substances they are carrying in the event that a Chicago truck collision triggers a cargo leak.

It is important that you file your Illinois workers' compensation claim as soon as possible.

Woman injured by falling steel pipes at industrial site in Dupo, BND, July 24, 2010

Commercial Truck Driver Health and Safety- Preventing Injury and Illness,

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