Posted On: July 1, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Long Haul Truck Drivers at Risk of Suffering from Upper Extremity Injuries and Back Pain

Long haul truck drivers can get hurt not just during truck accidents but they are also at risk of suffering from upper extremity injuries and lower back pain due to the nature of the job. Unfortunately, because the job requires that a truck driver spend long periods of time on the road, many injured truckers do not receive the medical attention that they need.

Common upper extremity injuries included arm and hand tingling, scapula shoulder pain, lateral epicondylitis, humeral head and supraspinatus rotator cuff damage, medial epicondylitis, impact trauma to the shoulder, repetitive-stress injuries, and postural-related injuries. Causes of the most prevalent upper extremity injuries include:

• Having to raise and lower heavy truck hoods.
• Pulling the fifth wheel pin.
• Slip accidents while getting out of the truck and grabbing the handle bar.
• Sleeping on one side of the body while in a bouncing truck.
• Lowering of the landing gear.
• Driving with one elbow leaning against the window frame.
• Unloading a truck.
• Resting one hand on the gearshift lever as it constantly vibrates.

As these tasks are part of a long haul trucker’s job, for most truck drivers is only a matter of time before upper extremity injuries develop. These injuries can cause physical and emotional suffering while making it impossible for the injured trucker to do his/her job.

Truckers are also at risk of suffering from lower back pain. Truck driving can cause the body to vibrate for long periods of time. All of the heavy lifting and bending to pick up cargo can also cause back strain. Driving for hours at a time, cranking up dolly wheels, putting on and taking off tarps and chains, and jumping down and into truck cabs can also cause back injuries. As an injured employee, you are likely entitled to Chicago workers’ compensation benefits.

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