Posted On: July 4, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Recent Construction Accident Accidents Result in Fatalities

A construction worker who got hurt on Thursday when he was hit on the head during a work accident has died. 51-year-old Larry L. Reisner was working at the site of a new middle school when a brace that was supporting a cast concrete wall hit him. He passed away on Saturday morning.

Reisner is not the only worker to recently die from injuries sustained during a construction accident. On June 28, Philip Soukup, an ABBCO worker, died from his fatal injuries after he was pinned under a soil compactor. Co-workers say that the 35-year-old was operating the compactor when one of its wheels slipped down an embankment. The heavy machinery rolled, throwing Soukup and trapping him underneath.

Workers were able to use a tractor with a backhoe to pull the compactor off him. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the fatal construction accident.

On June 24, another two construction workers were killed and two others were injured when a concrete pumping truck fell on top of them at a park-and-ride transit site that was under construction. According to the county’s transportation authority spokesperson, the industrial accident occurred because of “equipment failure.”

Construction employees’ families may not be able to sue the employer for wrongful death, but they should be able to receive Illinois workers’ compensation survivors benefits. They also may be able to file third party lawsuits against other parties involved on the work project, the manufacturer of machinery that was defective or malfunctioned, and other liable parties.

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