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BP Must Pay $50.6 Million Fine for Deadly 2005 Refinery Blast that Killed 15 Workers and Injured 170 Others

Energy giant BP has agreed to pay a $50.6 million fine for safety violations related to a March 23, 2005 refinery accident involving explosion that killed 15 workers and injured 170 others. Some of the victims were contract workers. The deadly blast happened during the restarting of a unit after it had undergone repairs.

When workers began to fill a tower with gasoline, the tower overflowed, sending excess gas into a back-up unit that also overflowed. A geyser of gasoline then shot up into the air. The gas created a large vapor cloud on the ground, which was likely ignited by an idling truck. Several office trailers filled with workers were destroyed.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration originally fined BP $21 million dollars for failing to take sufficient action to protect workers from the blast. After determining that BP still had not met its commitments to worker safety, last year the fine was increased to the current amount.

The wrongful death and injury attorneys for those that were injured and killed are hoping that now that BP has admitted that it has repeatedly failed to meet safety standards the company’s criminal probation will be revoked. BP reached a $373 million plea deal in 2007 over the 2005 Texas City refinery blast, a number of investigations related to an oil pipeline leak, and price fixing in the propane gas market.

BP is also now liable for billions of dollars in compensation payouts and fines following the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico this year. There was also the blast that sank the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, which BP had leased, last April. 11 workers were killed when the rig exploded.

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