Posted On: August 5, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Claims Sent Village of Oak Park Almost $1M Over Budget

According to, the Village of Oak Park went over its budget by almost $1 million in 2009 to settle Illinois workers’ compensation and personal injury claims on public property. Oak Park paid $857,137 for 15 separate claims, which was twice the $350,000 it had anticipated paying.

Oak Park chief financial officer Craig Lesner says that workers’ compensation payouts for time off taken by injured employees is the number one reason the village has gone above budget. The second biggest reason for going over budget is the $412,241 paid for Illinois premises liability claims, including Oak Park trip and fall accidents on public sidewalks. The village is attempting to come up with ways to decrease the number of work injury incidents and slip and fall accidents in the future, which will hopefully cut costs.

In Illinois, not only do injured workers get paid while they take time off work to recover, but they can also seek to receive an Illinois workers’ compensation settlement after they go back to work. Unfortunately, insurers can sometimes make it difficult for injured workers to receive all of the work injury benefits that they are owed. There are also workers who make the mistake of not filing their Illinois workers’ compensation claim or waiting until much later to do so.

Remember, you cannot sue your employer for Chicago personal injury, but you are likely entitled to Chicago workers’ compensation, which should cover your medical expenses and pay you an income. The amount that you are entitled to get will, of course, depend on the specifics of your case and Illinois workers’ compensation rates.

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