Posted On: August 11, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Many Ex-Blockson Chemical Employees Still Haven’t Received Worker Compensation for Radiation Exposure at Joliet, Illinois Chemical Plant

Fifty years after they were exposed to radiation while working as a Blockson Chemical employee in Joliet, Illinois, many of the former workers and their survivors have yet to receive payment from the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program. The fund that was created to compensate those who, without adequate protection, were exposed to high levels of radiation while on the job.

Fund recipients are supposed to $150,000 plus medical benefits. If the afflicted worker is no longer alive, then their surviving family members are entitled to get compensation.

Blockson employees that are eligible to get work injury compensation from this fund developed cancer because they helped construct atomic weapons between March 1951 and June 1960. Yet Department of Labor statistics reveal that of the 363 claims filed by former Blockson workers and relatives, only 102 have been paid. Many have not even been apprised of the status of their claims. Also, of 5,170 claims filed by former employees from 29 eligible Illinois facilities, the fund has paid only 1,250 of them.

Hopefully, this situation will soon change. Federal officials are expected to rule on a special petition filed on behalf of the former employees and surviving family members. The petition seeks to eliminate the requirement that a claimant must prove that his/her cancer was caused by the radiation. A claim would still, however, have to provide a physician’s verification that the former worker was afflicted with one of several kinds of cancer.

It can be devastating to find out that you now have a life-threatening illness or disease because of the hazards that you were exposed to at work.

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