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About 564 Work-Related Homicides Occur Yearly, Reports US Labor Department

According to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2004 and 2008 there were an average 564 work-related homicides taking place in this country each year. Among the 2008 statistics:

• 99% of the 421 workplace shootings that happened were in retail trade.
• 10% of all fatal work injuries were workplace homicides.
• 4 out of every 5 homicide victims were male.
• 72% of assailants for men and 51% of assailants for women were robbers and other assailants.
• Personal acquaintances and relatives comprised 28% of assailants for women and 4% for men.
• There were 30-near-multiple workplace homicide incidents involving 7 suicides and 67 homicides.
• 80% of homicides (421 fatalities) involved shootings.
• 12% of shooters were ex- and current coworkers.
• 40% were robbers.
• 48% of shootings occurred in public buildings.
• 86% of shootings took place in the private sector.
• 14% took place in government.
• 26% of shooting decedents were involved in sales and related occupations.

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Workplace Shootings, US Department of Labor

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