Posted On: December 7, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Cook County Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Boeing Seeks Damages for Death of United Airlines Ramp Serviceman in Kuwait

The widow of John Bruce is suing Boeing Inc. and two other companies for his wrongful death. The Arlington Heights man, who was a United Airlines ramp serviceman, died last year during a fall accident while on the job at the Kuwait International Airport.

At the time of the work accident, Bruce was on a mobile belt loader and unloading cargo from a Boeing 747 for the US military. Bruce’s widow contends that the loader’s operator moved the belt without warning, which caused her husband to drop over 10 feet to the tarmac. He sustained serious brain injuries and died several days later.

In her Cook County wrongful death complaint, Cleopatra is accusing Boeing and manufacturer NMC-Wollard Inc. of allegedly failing to provide her husband with protective equipment. The Illinois civil lawsuit also accuses US governor CAV International Inc. of employing the loader operator, who was allegedly distracted and conversing with others when the work accident happened. Bruce’s widow is accusing CAV International of failing to adequately supervise and train its employees.

According to the family’s Chicago wrongful death lawyer, there are documents that show that Boeing and NMC/Wollard did not implement any fall protections that could have prevented Bruce’s fatal accident from happening. While CAV has cited a lack of jurisdiction as reason for not turning over information, the Bruce’s family’s attorney says that the companies, which are US companies, are subject to US laws.

Third Party Lawsuits
Although workers injured on the job generally cannot sue an employer, who will likely owe them Illinois workers’ compensation, third party Illinois injury claims and wrongful death lawsuits can be brought against others who may have contributed to causing the work injury or death. The sooner you file your work injury claim and explore your legal options the better.

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