Posted On: January 27, 2011 by Steven J. Malman

If You Suffered a Slip and Fall Injury at Work, Remember to FIle Your Illinois Workers’ Compensation Claim

Illinois slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere—in your home, on the sidewalk, at a shopping mall, in a friend’s driveway, or while at work. If the slip accident occurred on someone else’s property and it could have been avoided were it not for the premise owner’s negligence, you may have grounds for a Chicago slip and fall lawsuit.

If the work injury occurred at work or while doing your job on property that is not owned by your employer, you may also be eligible to receive Chicago injury compensation for your slip accident, in addition to Illinois workers’ compensation benefits.

Common causes of slip and fall accidents at work:
• Poor lighting
• Slippery floors
• Failure to put up signs warning of slippery conditions
• Spilt foods or drink
• Debris on the premises
• Damaged carpeting
• Uneven flooring
• Snow or ice on a walkway

Although you do have to prove negligence to obtain Chicago slip and fall injury recovery, no one has to be at fault for you to receive Illinois workers’ compensation benefits for a slip and fall. As long as you weren’t behaving in an appropriate or dangerous manner or violating company policy in any way, ideally you should be able start receiving work injury compensation soon after you file your claim.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out this way. An employer or its insurer might reject your claim, which could put you in a financial bind—especially as an injured worker generally is not allowed to sue an employer over a work injury.

If this happens, don’t despair. An experience Chicago workers’ compensation lawyer can help you pursue your work injury benefits. This may mean taking your case before the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission or, if that doesn’t work, taking other legal measures to make sure you get what you are owed.

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