Posted On: February 28, 2011 by Steven J. Malman

Deceased Hospital Worker’s Relative Files $600K Cook County Construction Accident Lawsuit

A relative of Rajmund Zalewa is suing Pepper Construction and R.G. Construction for his Cook County wrongful death. The 26-year-old Prospect Heights hospital worker was killed last November after he was pinned by 1,400 pounds of drywall at Advocate Condell Medical Center. The Libertyville construction accident lawsuit seeks $600,000 from the defendants.

Zalewa, a member of the hospital’s housekeeping, was in an area of the building under construction when seven sheets of lead-lined drywall fell on him. Each sheet weighed 200 pounds. He was pronounced dead at the hospital less than an hour after he was discovered.

The Cook County construction accident complaint accuses the defendants of negligence for their failure to warn Zalewa about the danger of the site and for improper storage of equipment. The 12-count Cook County wrongful death complaint seeks $50,000/count.

As a hospital worker, Zalewa’s family is likely entitled to survivors’ benefits under Illinois workers’ compensation law. While he cannot sue his employer for Chicago personal injury, he can, however, seek third party compensation from the third parties that are not his employer but who may be responsible for his fatal work accident.

Illinois construction accidents can cause injury to not just construction workers, but also innocent bystanders who may get hit by falling debris or other hazards that can exist on a construction site. Often, there is likely more than one party involved on a construction job, such as the construction company, sub-contractors, engineers, architects, insurers, or the manufacturer of a machine. This means that there may be more than one party who should be held liable for your Chicago construction accident injury.

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