Posted On: February 18, 2011 by Steven J. Malman

Workers’ Compensation Claim by Former Miami Dolphins Player is in Dispute

The Miami Dolphins are asking a federal magistrate to dismiss the workers’ compensation claim filed by Kendall Newson. The former NFL team member suffered a knee injury in 2005 during a preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The injury ended his career. The Dolphins contend that if it had to pay medical bills and benefits to Newson under Pennsylvania law, it would suffer irreparable harm.

Newson sustained the serious injury before earning a major contract. He had to spend time at a nursing home so he could recovery and he has since then tried to work at a car wash. Newson's workers’ compensation lawyer says that former football player doesn’t have any money.

The NFL team is supposed to pay work injury benefits to its football players that are similar the benefits received by other workers under Florida's workers’ compensation law. However, per the current NFL labor contract, injured players in that state have to bring their case through arbitration. The Dolphins say that the workers’ compensation claim in Pennsylvania cannot proceed if the arbitration case in Florida is to go forward. Newson’s legal team is concerned that if, as expected, the owners lock out the players next month, any pending arbitrations will likely not be resolved.

In Florida, Newson would get no more than $651/month in workers’ compensation benefits. In Pennsylvania, he would receive compensation for related medical expenses and up to $716/week.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation
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