Posted On: March 17, 2011 by Steven J. Malman

House Votes to Audit State Employees' Illinois Workers’ Compensation Claims

In a 110-0 Vote, the Illinois House voted for a resolution to audit the Illinois Workers' Compensation program as it applies to state workers. The resolution is H.R. 131.

The audit it seeks would include a look at:
• Claims submitted by state workers over the last four years.
• The current settlement contract process.
• Control policies and fraud identification procedures.
• Conflict of interest policies.

According to a probe by the News Democrat, there are signs that certain arbitrators and state prison employees may have abused the current workers' compensation system.

Chicago Workers' Compensation
Our Chicago workers’ compensation law firm believes that it is important that injured employees receive the work injury benefits that they are owed. How else will injured workers and their families be able to afford the costs of medical bills, recovery expenses, and the time off work needed to recover? An injured worker cannot sue an employer for Chicago personal injury when the injury or illness is job-related.

Of course, we don’t condone abuse of the system. We do, however, believe it is important to make sure that our clients’ rights to receive Illinois workers’ compensation are upheld. It can be very frustrating to have one's valid claim delayed or denied.

The Law Offices of Steven J. Malman & Associates, PC represents government employees, construction workers, office workers, nurses, factory workers, industrial workers, actors, drivers, engineers, teachers, mechanics, maintenance workers, and others injured on the job. We are committed to making sure that our clients receive everything that they are owed under Illinois law.

House OKs call to audit workers' comp claims: 'We need to know what the facts are', BND, March 11, 2011

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