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Chicago Construction Accident: Worker Sustains Serious Brain Injuries in Fall Accident at Calumet Water Reclamation District Plant

A 50-year-old worker has sustained serious injuries in a Chicago construction accident at the Calumet Water Reclamation District Plant. Jeff Andrews fell 20-feet down a hole on April 21, 2011.

Officials say that he slipped off the top of a ladder to land on a coworker, who also got hurt. Chicago Fire Commissioner Robert Hoff says there was a lot of mud and clay, which made for sliperry conditions. A “stoke” basket was used by rescuers to lift the two men. Andrews, who sustained multiple head injuries, could not undergo surgery immediately because his condition was too unstable.

Construction Falls
Construction falls have been known to occur from roofs, scaffolding, cranes, ladders, floors under construction, through skylights and from other elevated heights. Workers injured in construction falls may sustain suffer head injuries, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, broken bones, and other serious (and possibly fatal) injuries.

If you or someone you love was hurt in a fall accident at a construction site, you should speak with an experienced Chicago construction accident law firm right away. In addition to your Illinois workers’ compensation benefits through your employer, you also may be entitled to injury compensation from other parties. There are a number of parties involved in the project who may be liable for your injuries.

Construction companies, contractors, and others involved with a building project know how dangerous the work can be. It is their job to make sure that the proper safety precautions are in place to prevent serious injury accidents and deaths. Unfortunately, many construction workers continue to be involved in catastrophic work accidents every year.

A construction worker who is seriously hurt may not be able to go back to work again. Such injuries can take a financial toll on the injured worker and his/her family. You should receive the compensation that you are owed.

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