Posted On: April 8, 2011 by Steven J. Malman

House Considers Eliminating Illinois Workers’ Compensation System

Tentative approval to end the Illinois workers’ compensation system was rendered during a voice vote of House members on Thursday. A final vote will be held soon.

Whereas now, employees are entitled to Illinois workers’ compensation recovery for injuries or illnesses sustained on the job regardless of who was at fault, without this system employers and employees would have to go to court to determine if and how much personal injury recovery was owed.

Businesses in Illinois have been complaining that workers can get workers’ compensation payments without having to provide clear evidence that an injury was sustained on the job. The state’s workers’ compensation system has also come under fire after reports that hundreds of government workers at one prison received work injury benefits.

Meantime, Gov. Pat Quinn has proposed limiting carpal tunnel syndrome payments and denying workers’ compensation to those injured at work while they were drunk. He also is calling for tougher screening before medical procedures are approved.

Having employers and employees resolve work injury disputes in civil courts could take a lot longer. It could also be more costly for everyone involved. If a worker doesn’t obtain compensation through the court system and doesn’t receive worker injury benefits, how is he/she going to pay for medical, living, and recovery expenses?

Our Chicago workers’ compensation lawyers are here to make sure that our clients receive all the work benefits that they are owed.

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